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Facts about Honolulu Rail

Construction Timeline

• Construction began in April 2012
• Initial section from Kapolei to Aloha Stadium is slated to open in 2015; Kapolei to Middle   Street in 2017; and the system is set to be fully operational, from Kapolei to Ala Moana   Center, in 2019


• Single system-wide fare; one-pass system between TheBus and the rail system
• Free transfer to or from TheBus when a one-way fare is purchased
• Ticket (fare) vending machines available at all stations
• Proof of payment system


• Modern, steel-wheel-on-steel-rail technology powered by a third rail
• 20 mile elevated, grade-separated system
• The system begins in East Kapolei and connects with the Honolulu International Airport and   downtown Honolulu and ends at Ala Moana Center

Operation Schedule

• Trains will operate from 4 a.m. to midnight daily
• Trains will arrive every three minutes during peak travel times, every six minutes during the   day and every 10 minutes in the evenings

Rail Vehicles

• Fully automated (driverless)
• Capacity of 318 passengers in two-car trains (subject to change)
• Bicycles, surfboards, wheelchairs, strollers, coolers, and luggage will be allowed on trains as   regulated by policy
• Air-conditioned train vehicles
• Closed circuit security cameras will be featured onboard train vehicles


• Top speed: 55 mph
• Average speed (including station stop time): 27 mph


• 21 stations with park-and-ride facilities at select locations
• High-level platforms (same level as the vehicle floor)
• Bicycle racks
• The project will be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Trains and stations will feature closed-circuit security cameras, attendants and   interior/exterior safety lighting
• Four new park-and-ride lots will be featured at stations in East Kapolei, UH West O'ahu,   Pearl Highlands, and Aloha Stadium with a total of 4,100 parking spaces
• Vehicle maintenance and storage facility near Leeward Community College
• Four new bus transit centers will be located at the following stations in UH West O'ahu, West   Loch, Pearl Highlands, and Aloha Stadium
• A dedicated access ramp will be featured to directly connect the H-2 Freeway to the Pearl   Highlands Station's park-and-ride facility and bus transit center
To view the Interactive Route Map, where you can calculate your travel time on rail,   please click here.

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